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Mmmmm...... [Feb. 16th, 2008|01:01 am]
Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the next best tasting thing to oral sex. Mmmmmmmm......
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Tiffany... [Feb. 14th, 2008|11:10 pm]
We love you regardless of anyone else's stupidity and willful ignorance. We won't ever replace you with someone else simply because that's not possible. You are the most unique person Melissa or I have ever known and we both love you dearly.
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God hates me. [Feb. 14th, 2008|12:15 am]
Answer me this. Say, you have a laptop that needs a new battery to work properly. Everything else works fine on it. So, someone buys you a new battery. What are the chances that something else will break two days before the battery will arrive? Hmm? What are the chances that a laptop that was working perfectly before would suddenly stop working for no reason at all? And two days before the battery arrived?

Now...see if you can answer that question. I had just started to get everything to work on that piece of shit and now it won't even turn on. Like, nothing happens at all. It just sits there like an eight pound unwieldly paperweight. Now, tell me God doesn't hate me.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|12:21 am]
(12:13:41 AM) worldsfattestdad: hm i dont even remember at this point
(12:14:32 AM) canadianlatka: In psychology, memory is an organism's ability to store, retain, and subsequently retrieve information. Traditional studies of memory began in the realms of philosophy, including techniques of artificially enhancing the memory. The late nineteenth and early twentieth century put memory within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. In recent decades, it has become one of the principal pillars of a branch of science called cognitive neuroscience, an interdisciplinary link between cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
(12:14:37 AM) worldsfattestdad: OH NO
(12:15:09 AM) canadianlatka: No is an English word indicating rejection, disagreement, refusal or making a negative response or exclamation. It is the opposite of yes.

Several programs aimed at children advocate the refusal skill of "saying no" in regard to high-risk behaviors, violence, drug, or sexual matters. For example the American television advertising campaign Just Say No in the 1980s aimed at spreading awareness about saying "no" to recreational drug use, violence, premarital sex, and other vices.
(12:15:44 AM) worldsfattestdad: fuck your mother
(12:16:16 AM) canadianlatka: Fuck is an English word that, as a verb, literally means "to have sexual intercourse with." Its use is generally considered censurable and offensive in most formal circles, but may also be rather common or expected in certain situations or social groups.

It is unclear whether the word has always been considered vulgar, and if not, when it first came to be used to describe (often in an extremely angry, hostile or belligerent manner) negative or unpleasant circumstances or people in an intentionally offensive way, such as in the term "motherfucker", one of its more common usages.

Fuck is used not only as a verb (transitive and intransitive), but also as a noun, interjection, and, occasionally, as an expletive infix. The etymology of the word is uncertain (see below).
(12:16:47 AM) worldsfattestdad: you should really find something new
(12:18:00 AM) canadianlatka: Should is a modal verb. is the past tense of can, should is the past tense of shall and might is the past tense of may. These verbs have acquired an independent, present tense meaning. The German form möchten is sometimes taught as a vocabulary word and included in the list of modal verbs, but it is actually the past subjunctive form of mögen.
(12:19:02 AM) canadianlatka: RO-BOT IDENTIFY THYSELF!
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|12:14 am]
(12:08:07 AM) worldsfattestdad: see you
(12:08:54 AM) canadianlatka: Shall you observe me again, obsequious opal of obsidion?
(12:09:14 AM) worldsfattestdad: alright then still not normal
(12:09:53 AM) canadianlatka: Normal? Ha ha. I shall ejaculate with laughter in the face of your simple terms. The black butterfly knows no folly as such theories and quotes.
(12:10:52 AM) worldsfattestdad: I'm the only person who is more of a smartass than you...
(12:12:05 AM) canadianlatka: Smartassery is prevalent on the grandmother plane of douchebaggery although one might not always know, you see.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|12:11 am]
(11:49:46 PM) canadianlatka: yo beez mo den splendid, massa
(11:49:52 PM) canadianlatka: yo white baby, he cry and he cry
(11:49:57 PM) canadianlatka: will you take yo white baby?
(11:50:06 PM) worldsfattestdad: nice 2 meet u anky
(11:50:09 PM) canadianlatka: he be no good for a bad negro like me
(11:50:10 PM) worldsfattestdad: and spin?
(11:50:30 PM) worldsfattestdad: just browsin
(11:50:31 PM) canadianlatka: yousa bein meat spin again?
(11:50:51 PM) worldsfattestdad: what does your shirt say?
(11:51:29 PM) canadianlatka: i no wear a shirt, massa, you tol' me i could nah wear dem clothes, since i be an aminal
(11:51:35 PM) worldsfattestdad: orly
(11:52:37 PM) canadianlatka: ya really, massa
(11:52:54 PM) worldsfattestdad: tato
(11:52:55 PM) canadianlatka: yousa goin' to dat technojesus church today, massa?
(11:53:36 PM) worldsfattestdad: Sorry, I can't count past three.
(11:53:52 PM) canadianlatka: massa, yo name? whassit, mass?
(11:55:08 PM) worldsfattestdad: this makes no sense.. let me go back and talk to my friend.. nice to momentarily meet you I guess..later...
(11:55:37 PM) canadianlatka: massa, no, don't leave me in dat basament
(11:55:41 PM) canadianlatka: i no like da basament
(11:55:50 PM) canadianlatka: massa, i missa ya
(11:56:04 PM) canadianlatka: turn me into a white bitch like yo wife
(11:56:13 PM) worldsfattestdad: you IMed me, so you go first
(11:56:18 PM) worldsfattestdad: ya i do
(11:56:37 PM) canadianlatka: massa massa, yousa nevar gave me a name
(11:56:59 PM) canadianlatka: yousa said an aminal din't need a name
(11:57:13 PM) canadianlatka: jussa piece a yo white meat
(11:57:23 PM) worldsfattestdad: You never gave me a screen name, who are you?
(11:57:45 PM) worldsfattestdad: douchebaggery is not permitted between 3 and 7
(11:58:06 PM) canadianlatka: i be yo bad slave, massa
(11:58:25 PM) canadianlatka: yousa spankin me lika da white jesus
(11:58:55 PM) canadianlatka: ol' Gin Rummy, he tol' me dat my white massa could maken me into a white bitch
(11:59:10 PM) canadianlatka: i aska ya, massa, to maken me into a white bitch
(11:59:20 PM) worldsfattestdad: ....yeah?
(11:59:26 PM) canadianlatka: yessa, massa
(11:59:43 PM) worldsfattestdad: how can I be a slut if I don't have a vagina?
(2/11/2008 12:00:06 AM) canadianlatka: oh, massa, a slut is a many a ting wita da loose morals and eels
(12:00:26 AM) canadianlatka: OH LAWD, MASSA, I go higha into da sky
(12:00:48 AM) canadianlatka: Purple kangaroo cactuses held me onto a wonderful bed of five flying fantasies
(12:01:40 AM) canadianlatka: Lexicon lore told me that I might be any thing i would like, devilish dirk
(12:02:07 AM) worldsfattestdad: "You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." - George Horace Lorimer
(12:02:47 AM) canadianlatka: Lorimer? Oh que lastima! If only the ichigo whiterfalls would whisk a man away into the cacophonous cacahuetes of Lovecraft.
(12:04:47 AM) worldsfattestdad: why, what's up
(12:05:44 AM) canadianlatka: Lava flows finickly down the eager Edgar Allen coasts while your nose spews out the remenants of a roadie or a white wheel of whore
(12:06:14 AM) worldsfattestdad: are you done talking to me??
(12:07:06 AM) canadianlatka: Silly little sailor, negatively nominate me for a kharmic kangaroo of ultimate ulcers, and we may divine a decision
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|12:04 am]
I've decided to write a Gundam fan fiction. Just for the hell of it.

It's a few thousand years in the future and mankind has slid back into the middle ages again. The only technology that has survived is Gundams, and they are held as gods to be worshiped. A priest is selected for extreme valor and intelligence to be the 'guide' of this god, to find which god--and which kingdom--has dominance over the kingdoms of the earth for the next century. I don't really know how big this is going to be for me, but I think I'll enjoy it. I'll have to design Gundams. That'll be fun.

Any ideas for Gundams and Gundam names?
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2008|11:49 pm]
Okay, this is my friends conversation with worldsfattestdad.


(11:02:36 PM) worldsfattestdad has signed on.
(11:32:18 PM) canadianlatka: massa, you returned to get me outta da basament
(11:32:23 PM) canadianlatka: tank you kindly, massa
(11:32:31 PM) canadianlatka: i do so luv the mudkips you left for m
(11:32:34 PM) canadianlatka: me
(11:32:52 PM) canadianlatka: massa, lend me some more lashins, i luuuuv the lashins
(11:32:54 PM) worldsfattestdad: Yes, I'm male, no I'm not Eri.
(11:33:14 PM) canadianlatka: tank yu massa
(11:33:26 PM) canadianlatka: i won never call you Eri again
(11:33:43 PM) canadianlatka: massa, can i be a good negro again?
(11:33:48 PM) canadianlatka: i would luuuuv to be white again
(11:33:51 PM) canadianlatka: only if you tell me so, massa
(11:34:04 PM) canadianlatka: we's a gonna have a baby, massa
(11:34:12 PM) canadianlatka: a nice white baby like you
(11:34:56 PM) canadianlatka: massa, you ees a racist
(11:35:03 PM) canadianlatka: but it otay, massa
[23:48] halfeatenloaf: (11:35:34 PM) worldsfattestdad: Check the userinfo always to see if the damn SNs match up. ANd you know, you can always, BLOCK the damn person. I had several SNs, the first being zaheela, but i never used them nor do I add numbers to my names
(11:35:48 PM) worldsfattestdad: ha kill yourself
(11:36:01 PM) canadianlatka: you a king of the copy/pasta, massa
(11:36:07 PM) canadianlatka: it be tres chic
(11:37:06 PM) canadianlatka: do you like the mudkipz too, massa?
(11:37:39 PM) canadianlatka: perhaps massa be an internet terrorist lika dem white folk all up in arms against they tom cruiz and they techojesus
(11:37:49 PM) worldsfattestdad: here is a very simple question: Is that your myspace page and is that your picture?
(11:38:28 PM) canadianlatka: those be the truest things i can do, massa
(11:38:31 PM) canadianlatka: but i be a bad negro
(11:38:41 PM) canadianlatka: a liar and a cheat like all us negros be
(11:38:48 PM) worldsfattestdad: ?
(11:39:03 PM) worldsfattestdad: *golf clap*
(11:39:23 PM) canadianlatka: massa, youz is golf clap is a sign of dese times
(11:39:39 PM) worldsfattestdad: Katie
(11:39:42 PM) canadianlatka: i ain't no nothing about you white traditionals things but yousa be the king
(11:39:48 PM) worldsfattestdad: *sigh*
(11:39:59 PM) canadianlatka: whysa you sigh at me massa?
(11:40:13 PM) canadianlatka: am i deservin of a nudder cat o nine tails?
(11:40:21 PM) canadianlatka: spank me like jesus, massa
(11:40:29 PM) worldsfattestdad: MAH UK .5 BUDDIES
(11:40:41 PM) canadianlatka: i dezerve it mo than jesus
(11:40:44 PM) worldsfattestdad: um u dont make sense
(11:40:55 PM) canadianlatka: jesus make all the sense, massa
(11:41:20 PM) canadianlatka: jesus say 'y'all best recogonize' and them jew folk, they din't
(11:41:23 PM) worldsfattestdad: it's nothing worthwhile or interesting
[23:49] halfeatenloaf: (11:41:42 PM) canadianlatka: they go and kill that there jesus, but jesus say 'it be aite, my chitlins.'
(11:42:15 PM) worldsfattestdad: the pop ... um...' movement' is all about combining stereotypes in order to make money, not make sense
(11:42:16 PM) canadianlatka: 'tswhy every friday we have our negroid sabbath and we go and eat dem chitlins dat jesus gave us
(11:43:48 PM) worldsfattestdad: nice......too bad its after 9:22 here in michigan so your obvously from out on the west coast
(11:44:01 PM) canadianlatka: no, massa, i be from the souf
(11:44:18 PM) worldsfattestdad: It ain't a Lemon Party without old dick
(11:44:19 PM) canadianlatka: here in da souf, us black folk still live as yo slaves
(11:44:19 PM) worldsfattestdad: hehe
(11:44:24 PM) canadianlatka: dick, massa?
(11:44:33 PM) canadianlatka: is it time for another spoonfeeding of thy gospel?
(11:44:47 PM) worldsfattestdad: Are you smoking crack?????
(11:44:48 PM) canadianlatka: yousa gonna teach me da ills about spilling yo seed
(11:44:52 PM) canadianlatka: ...with my mouf?
(11:46:12 PM) worldsfattestdad: wow thats crazy, bc my name is Kyle and Im 25 m from nj, and Im pretty sure I saw u on myspace 2 ngiht too
(11:46:27 PM) canadianlatka: if i swallow enuf of yo white magic juice, can i be white like yuz and yo jesus?
(11:46:49 PM) worldsfattestdad: what is your deal bitch
(11:46:49 PM) worldsfattestdad: quit copying me
(11:47:11 PM) canadianlatka: oh massa, i be sorry i'm such a bitch
(11:47:42 PM) worldsfattestdad: really? thats odd I've never messaged you
(11:47:43 PM) canadianlatka: pleaz, massa, if it pleases yo fine self, make me white
(11:47:54 PM) canadianlatka: i be a good white woman
(11:48:04 PM) worldsfattestdad: so how did you get my screenname then?
(11:48:12 PM) worldsfattestdad: I'm trainguy12792
(11:48:12 PM) canadianlatka: i be usin all dat white gramma and eatin all yo tea and bizkits
(11:48:36 PM) worldsfattestdad: i'm splendid actually
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Lol. Tiffany is great... [Feb. 10th, 2008|09:55 pm]
Okay, some weird asshole imed me tonight. It was screwed up. I deleted the im as soon as I blocked the moron, but my roommate decided to be a bastard and play around with the guy, whoever it was. This was their conversation.

(9:26:01 PM) canadianlatka: hey, i hope you remember me. i just wanted to let you know, the baby's yours
(9:26:03 PM) worldsfattestdad has signed on.
(9:26:12 PM) worldsfattestdad: orly
(9:26:17 PM) canadianlatka: ya rly
(9:26:34 PM) canadianlatka: got your eyes, got your tentacles, got your lord xenu tattoo
(9:26:37 PM) canadianlatka: i knew you'd love him!
(9:27:12 PM) canadianlatka: i hate to say it, but he's got a fine penis
(9:27:15 PM) canadianlatka: it's waiting for you
(9:27:18 PM) canadianlatka: i got prepped for you
(9:27:55 PM) canadianlatka: http://www.rasheedrichmond.com/images/myspace/sheed_mia_myspace.JPG
(9:27:58 PM) canadianlatka: that's me?
(9:27:59 PM) canadianlatka: remember me?
(9:29:45 PM) canadianlatka: http://img111.exs.cx/img111/3750/yes4sy.jpg
(9:29:49 PM) canadianlatka: maybe you remember me that way more
(9:29:51 PM) canadianlatka: hot times
(9:32:24 PM) canadianlatka: hey, aren't you going to talk to me?
(9:32:31 PM) canadianlatka: seriously, you're making me quite sad
(9:32:56 PM) canadianlatka: for a cockslap in the face
(9:33:01 PM) canadianlatka: ...it's not fair that you know i like it
(9:33:38 PM) canadianlatka: beat me more, master
(9:33:46 PM) canadianlatka: i'll even play nigra like you like it
(9:34:06 PM) canadianlatka: yessa massa, yessa massa, i do so like it when you beat me wit da whip
(9:34:11 PM) canadianlatka: i been a bad negro
(9:41:13 PM) worldsfattestdad has signed off.
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Tax Refund! [Feb. 8th, 2008|09:25 am]

I just got my tax refund this morning, in the amount of $809.00, bring my bank account to a total of $1,639.06. *dances*
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