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18 February
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I like entertaining people. Usually just by making a fool of myself. My goals in life is to drink as much chocolate milk as I can and annoy everyone. That and have a library in my house. I am unbelievably random. And,I love the word "spulunking". I use it in all situations. I am a musician, I play guitar, trumpet, mandolin, bass (both upright and electric), my voice, and violin. I have a penchant for writing poetry when the mood strikes me. According to some of my friends, I was born a few centuries to late. If I don't open the door for a girl its rude. I am kind of a clean freak. It depends who is coming over. And for some reason I can't figure out, I love to cook for people. Coming back to the music part of me, I was once the highest scoring tenor in my district in junior year in high school. In my senior year I was one of the top twenty-five in the state. I don't know the exact rating. I've sang in Carnegie Hall in New York twice, once my sophmore and again my senior year. If anyone who reads this gets a chance to go there, take it quick. Its incredible. Anyway, I have a fascination with theoretical physics as well. And yes, I do want a library in my house. I love books. Especially old ones. I have a 1937 copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare. I take a perverse delight in being different from everybody else. Its something I pride myself on. I spent my high-school years in Venice, FL, so I love surfing and skimming. And I despise dressing up. For any reason. I also believe that a promise made is a promise kept. Betrayal is something that is very difficult for me to forgive. You can have my trust from moment one but loose it at first betrayal. Ooo, that could be a song. Also, another random fact, I remember almost everything, but I forget names and 7-digit numbers. It took me two years to learn my own cellphone number. Ridiculum sum, ergo sum. Sometimes, I'll get into these really depressed moods though usually I'm cheerful, if sarcastic. I'll just sit and stare off into space for hours on end. There's only been a few people that will sit there and do that with me. Also, I can't dance worth a crap. I can play piano without even thinking about it, but I can't move my feet in time to music. Also, I would love to learn how to ride horses. I haven't riden a horse in only god knows how long. My sister did english riding for a while. Also, I am very honest. I post most of my poetry on my blog, check it out. There's even some about certain people on my friends list. And I like ballet.